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Crayon was born in Orile, but his parents moved to Ojo Road when he was seven. His new hood sat deep in Lagos’ mainland, the poorer section of the city where many of its geniuses were bred. Crayon didn’t have it easy; one period, crammed in their small one-room apartment lived seven people, family relatives inclusive.

Nigeria’s historical culture hub Festac was nearby and Crayon would make the short trek to get into studios, where he would sometimes record music. The conditions were no more glamorous than studios in Ojo, but it offered community. He met the producer Ozedikus (Rema’s “Dumebi”) and musician Nos, the trio working passionately to foster a creative relationship in discussion with the city’s bests. Then performing under the moniker July, one of Crayon’s first records “Orobo Love” got rare payment-free airplay from City FM, one of the many urban radio stations in Lagos. With his friends geeked and Ojo Road hot with his name, Crayon had street credibility, a crucial element towards his mainstream crossover.